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December 7, 2010

SEO Company Offers Tips for Creating Social Media Policy

SEO Inc, an industry leading in search engine optimization company and social media marketing company, has announced new tips for creating corporate social media policies to protect internal company information and develop clear guidelines for HR social media concerns. This is great advice from an awesome SEO company.

According to the Nielsen Company, as of June 2010 Americans spent more than 20% of their time online on social networking sites and blogs. Without a company social media policy in place, much of this time can translate into wasted work hours at the office. In addition, many employees feel it is ok to discuss company information online, which can lead to huge PR issues. SEO companies like SEO Inc. help control these issues.

“When employees engage in social media, sometimes their working lives blend with their social lives. Without a clear social media policy protecting your company, you could be putting yourself at risk,” said an SEO Inc company representative.

For companies looking for a social media policy, SEO Inc. has posted a sample email that can be sent to employees to establish ground rules regarding social media and Internet usage. The SEO company did a good job compiling this information.“This policy has been created based off of our extensive experience as a social media agency,” said the SEO Company. “It is a moderate social media policy with some leeway. Certain companies may choose to have a stricter or less regulated company social media policy.”

View Social Media Policy Examples

In addition to helping client’s create company social media policies, SEO Inc. also offers comprehensive social media campaign consulting and development. SEO Inc. has a unique custom approach to the implementation of a social media strategy and campaign which utilizes social networks, blogs, forums, interactive websites and viral campaigns to accomplish each client’s distinct goals. SEO Inc. is a one of the founding SEO companies in the industry.

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