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December 8, 2010

SEO Company Shows Considerable Growth in First Year

Everspark Interactive is an Atlanta-based SEO Company that gained tremendous success within its first year of business. While similar SEO companies continue to fail in a strapped economy, Everspark Interactive founders Jason Hennessey, Chris Watson and Dave Hallock, bootstrapped the company to show $2 million in revenue within their first year of operation. “We had an amazing first year of business,” SEO company Expert Hennessey said. He attributes the company’s success to its continued efforts to operate outside the scope of traditional marketing.

The company offers matchless and superior SEO company services to its list of Fortune 1000 clients; each directly gained through 100 percent client referrals. Everspark, founded in 2009, prides itself in being one of the top SEO companies in the world. SEO company services include SEO packages for lawyers, doctors, manufacturing and services; website development; blog integration; copywriting; video production; social media; site migration and mobile marketing. To ensure SEO success and client satisfaction, Everspark takes on only one client for each industry. The company delivers explosive results, because their innovative approach to search marketing successfully connects brands and buyers across the digital marketplace. The SEO company has a passion to help its clients attain dramatic search engine rankings; a passion that is solidified by the company’s recent success and continued growth.

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