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May 7, 2012

35 Great SEO Posts in April You May Have Missed

Have you been under a rock this past month and missed what new posts and fascinating stories have been posted? Well don’t fret because as we present “35 Great SEO Posts in April you May Have Missed” we will provide a brief synopsis of the link in case you decide to go further and learn more about it. Enjoy!

1.Faking A Breadcrumb Trail To Stand Out On Google

In this post, Barry Schwartz talks about how adding a Rich Snippit breadcrumb trail to your website can help you increase rankings. Read this post to find out how you can get higher rankings with Rich Snippit breadcrumbs.

2. Facebook Now Has 901 Million Users

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, you are now one of 901 million, with an M, monthly active users and are expected to hit 1 Billion users by the end of the year! Check out the statistics here.

3. Google Grows Revenues 24% From Last Year, Plans New Class Of Stock

Want to know where Google is making all their money? Check out this blog post and see if Google is worth the investment and what new direction they’re heading in.

4. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Rips Google Over Wifi Eavesdropping Investigation

Jon Stewart is one funny character, but does he have a point? You decide. In this article, Jon jokes about the $25,000 fine the FCC imposed on Google for being “Noncompliant” with their requests. Seem interesting? Read more.

5. Search Engine Optimization Gone Bad

Don’t you hate when you get those spam pop-up advertisements? Well, they are, nonetheless, a SEO technique, that is poorly looked upon and unethical. Read more about these “Black Hat” techniques.

6. Pinterest is Now the No. 3 Social Network in the U.S.

Before it was just Facebook and Twitter and then out of nowhere, BOOM comes Pinterest. Learn about this new and fast-rising social networking site that’s turning heads and flipping dollars.

7. The Negative SEO Debate Sparks Up Again

Competition is everywhere you go, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Read this article to see a long and heated debate over Negative SEO and why it hasn’t stopped.

8. More Than 27 Percent Of Emails Are Opened On Mobile Devices

Another reason not to need a laptop becomes even bigger. More than 27% of emails are opened on a cellular device which means a lot more than you think. Read this article to see what staggering figures you might be engaging in.

9. AdWords To Automatically Match For Misspellings, Other Variants

Google Adwords get a little bit better. The new enhancement that Google will be accounting five different variations in language is quite interesting. Read more to find out what they are.

10. What You Need to Know About Over-Optimization

I know you want to rank high with SEO but please, do not take it too far. Read more to see if you have been over-optimizing your pages and the problems that can occur if you’re not aware.

11. Peak Inside Of The Google Streetview Trike

Have you seen that little Toyota Prius with Google’s name all over it and 6 cameras canopying out from the roof? If so, you would understand how google gets their Google Map street views, but wait, there is another form of transportation that’s a bit more intricate. Read on.

12. New adCenter Metric Launched: Share of Voice

Check out another mode of advertisement called Share of Voice or “SOV” that helps advertisers optimize their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Check out this article to learn more about SOV and how you can take action to join in the voice.

13. Apple Posts Q2 2012 Earnings: Their Profits Exceed Google’s Revenues

Interested in how much Apple is earning? Get this.. Apple is earning more than Google and is expected to keep soaring. To learn more about this and see some staggering statistics, check out this page.

14. New “+1 Less” Share Button Released For Google+

Jumping on the bandwagon has gotten a bit easier. Google releases it’s “+1” feature which is similar to the “Like” button on Facebook and allows users to “+1” a page if they like the content. To learn how this plays a role in your internet browsing, open this link.

15. Flickr’s New Image Uploader Is Faster, Supports Huge Photos

Doesn’t it get annoying when you try to upload your favorite picture from the weekend and you are turned down by a “this file is too large?” Well, Flickr has announced a new image uploader that aids in depleting that problem and others. Interested? Take a look!

16. Every Major League Baseball Team Is Using Pinterest (Google+ and Tumblr, Too)

Everyone knows marketing is the best way to getting your business or team, noticed and involved. Althought Pinterest has been said to be a female-dominated network, every major league team is using them from the Miami Marlins to the Texas Rangers all the way to the Washington Nationals. To learn more how these teams are using social networking, read this link.

17. Microsoft Did Shop Bing To Facebook

Hmm, this is interesting. Take a look at this article and see for yourself if Microsoft shopped Bing to Facebook. Lawsuits, agreements, and much more. Check this link out and ground an opinion on what you think is the direction for Facebook , Microsoft, & Google.

18. Home Depot To Correct Misleading Link Request

Home Depot is correcting its mistakes and could face further penalization. For anyone that knows SEO, Home Depot did something wrong when they told their business partners to “Please note that the hyperlink does not have to be visually indicated….Linking to The Home Depot website will benefit our business partners by increasing the page authority of your website.” Find out why.

19. Big Changes in Store for Facebook on Windows Phone

The Windows Phone gets even better. No, its not the ability to download more songs or Facetime your friends, BUT, you do have the ability to access facebook much easier. Check out this site to see what new and exciting changes are being made.

20. Facebook Blacklists Bad URLs, Gives Free Trial of Anti-Virus Software

We all know that whenever something good comes out, there is always someone trying to attack it. Well, Facebook knows this and is making sure that all of its users are protected from malicious URLs in addition to spam and other viruses. See how you can get protected today!

21. PinPuzzle Turns Pinterest Into a Mobile Game

Like games, Love Pinterest? Fuse the two together. Two friends came up with the idea, PinPuzzle, while waiting on the bench at the airport. PinPuzzle allows you to take photos from your board or anyone else’s and turns each one into a new level of a sliding puzzle game. Learn more and get playing!

22. No Warrant Necessary: Judge Rules Tweets Can Be Used in Court

Anything you tweet may be used against you in a court of law. This is actually true. A new York man is facing 15 days prison for disorderly conduct and his Twitter account will be used for further evidence. Check out this site to see more.

23. 3 Guest Blogging Mistakes Your Can’t Afford to Make

If you want to be a successful blogger, there are certain DO’s and DON’Ts of the trade that you should be aware of. Check out this website that highlights 3 guest blogging mistakes you can’t afford to make.

24. What Website Pages Should You Optimize First?

SEO works and although it does produce great benefits, you should know how to approach SEO and if you’re doing it by yourself, know where to begin. Read this article to see a few key points in SEO optimization to aid in you creating a website with substantial traffic.

25. Reasons Why You Need to Choose Twitter

Social media is the way of the future and it’s also a great way to network with millions of people. Twitter had been growing considerably and if you do not have an account yet, you are behind the crowd. With over 150+ million people using Twitter actively, there are many ways you can take advantage of the market. See how.

26. Behind The Scenes In Google’s Battle Against Bad Ads

As we all know, bad ads are annoying and don’t raise enough revenue for businesses. Well, Google knows this and is hard at work about training their employees on good/bad ads and how to decipher the differences. Check out this link to see what measures Google is going through to ensure the best possible outcomes.

27. Google Street View Images Now Online In Israel

Ever used Google Street View to see your house or your friend’s? Well, Google, for the first time, has put street photographs online from any Middle Eastern country. To check out the pictures from Israel, click on the above link.

28. Mobile SEO Is A Must For Acquiring Mobile Shoppers

Innovation is everywhere you look, from television, to science, and now even to your phone. Who knew that SEO could be used for acquiring mobile shoppers until now? Check out this link to see how shopping via mobile devices is getting easier and easier.

29. Trending Articles Now Showing In Facebook’s News Feed

You might be getting a surprise guest on your Facebook new feed. Take a look at this site to see what all the trendy news is about and how you will be a lot more engaged with what your friends are doing on Facebook.

30. Google Algorithm Tweak Targets Pages With Too Many Ads Over Content

Is SEO going to get a bit tougher? We’ll see, but to inform yourself on the preface of the situation, read how Google’s new algorithm targets certain pages with too many ads or “Over-Optimization.”

31. Mark Zuckerberg Bypassed Facebook Board, Bankers & Lawyers During Instagram Deal

WOW! If you love to hear money, tough bargains, and impeccable deals, you’ve got to check out this link. Facebook, the epitome of social networking has purchased Instagram, a company designed to help mobile users share pictures with friends and transform the shots in funny and memorable ways. Check out this link to see how much money Facebook forked up.

32. Facebook Announces New Action Measurement For Ads

Keep your eyes peeled for a new development soon to come from Facebook. This new action for tracking Facebook Ads will mitigate the stress and hassle when trying to track your Facebook ad dollars. See how you can take advantage of the new action.

33. Blind Man Is First “Driver” Of Google’s Self-Driving Car & Why It Was Legal

Having a blind man behind the wheel of a self-driving car probably isn’t a good idea, but Google thought so. Check out this link for a great video of Google’s self-driving car and see why it was legal.

34. Time’s “Most Influential” List Snubs Zuckerberg, Googlers, Includes Tim Cook, Marc Andreesen

Everyone loves a winner and with the new publication of the Time’s “Most Influential” list, you’ll see quite a few names you’ll recognize. Take a look at this link to see who made the list, who didn’t and what they did to get there.

35. Google Analytics Is Installed On More Than 10 Million Websites

Anyone who knows SEO knows the immense benefits of using Google Analytics and with the program installed on more than 10 million websites, the process is getting easier. Check out this website to see how Google Analytics is aiding businesses is growing pages and traffic.

So, that concludes our “35 Great SEO Posts in April you May Have Missed” list. We hope that by helping you catch up on the latest new, you will be very aware of what’s going on in the social networking world. Be sure to spread the word of the news because one, you sound very intelligent when you are informed, and two, it helps other couch potatoes with the news that’s happening virtually.

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